Logo Why you should consider buying an electric vehicle? Switch to electric car can be an economic option and better choice for the environment. EV's produce zero emissions emits no exhaust gas, driving an EV means to avoid oil and filter changes, engine and transmission service.
Electric vehicles tend to be driven fewer miles than the gasoline vehicles, which means they’ve typically endured less wear. Electric motors are more durable than gasoline or diesel engines, electric motors have fewer moving part and required less maintenance. EV's are much more affordable to drive and there is no engine noise, you can hear the music better.

One of the major conveniences of owning an electric vehicle is being able to charge it at home. It's kind of how you charge your cell phone at night, plug it in while you’re sleeping, you wake up and you're ready to go, kind of the same thing with your car, just on a bigger scale.

Some used EVs shoppers might be concerned about having to replace an battery pack, but they likely last over the 100,000 mile or 160,000 km with minimal degradation, the automakers cover battery packs under extensive warranty for at least 8 years.

Range is the distance an electric vehicle can travel between charging, the range is the key metrics you should look at when considering to buy an EV. If you live in a region with extreme weather, you may want to look for a used with a built-in active thermal management system, a liquid heating or cooling technology that preserves the optimum temperature of battery pack.

VW electric microbus
What to look for, when shopping for an EV's you still have to follow all the normal steps when it comes to buying a used car.

Consider these tips:
• Research the sales price for different EV's make and models.
• Get a vehicle history report and records, this will help you to eliminate vehicles with potential problems.
• Determine the warranty, see what coverage is extended to your vehicle check with vehicle manufacture if the warranty is transferable.
• Make sure you test drive the vehicle, be prepared to take a slightly longer road test. Ask your seller to have the battery fully charged and then complete at least a 50 km circuit to gauge the true battery range using the instrument readout.
• Obtain vehicle history records by VIN Vehicle Identification Number, look for VIN# under the windshield.
• Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle before you make your purchase. A dealer trained technician is the best person to carry of scan on electric vehicles, due to the complicated nature of those vehicles and their advanced electronic systems.
• If you make a deal, ensure that you register the ownership of the vehicle with its manufacturer. This guarantee that you receive any recall notices, getting the ownership transfer completed with the automaker will provide some remaining warranty coverage.
• Listed price do not include additional fees: government fees and taxes, title and registration fees, licensing and plate fees, finance charges, document preparation fees.

Inspect vehicle exterior always inspect in daylight:
check gaps
• Check gaps between panels if equal on both sides, doors and bumpers.
• Check the vehicle parts are equal colors.
• Check for painting over spray (bodywork or new paint).
• Check for windshield carks.
• Look for corrosion on charging port flap.
• Check for rust on fenders and under the vehicle.

Inspect tires:
• Check if the vehicle is equiped with the Eco tires.
Eco tires on electric vehicles not only help you achieve maximum range, but also give your vehicle its handling and performance characteristics.
• Check for any cracks on tirest or if they worn out.
• Check for irregular wear or mismatched tires.
• Check for damaged rims.

Inspect the interior:
• Look for Charging Gear, check if charging cables has any damage.
If the dashboard displays two different charging times you should have two charging cables, regular cables and fast charger bigger cables.
• Check if all cameras are working, rear-view camera when putting into reveres and the side-view cameras.
• Check for the original SD Card, some function do not work without it.
• Check charge level indicator and the battery condition indicators on dashboard displays.
• Check software updates, the updates are to optimize the performance of various vehicle systems.
• Check for excessive wear on seats, brake and accelerator pedals.
• Check for misaligned or loose panels.
• Check for water leaks, look under carpet wet carpet or dampness under the carpet.
• Check if steering wheel is worn excessively.
• Check the radio and USB is working.
• Check air conditioner is blowing cold air.
• Check if heating system is working.
• Check power-locs and power-windows operates.
• Check if mirrors and sunroof is working.
• Check if rear window and side mirrors defogger is working.
• Check seat belts and all the controls.
• Check visibility, do you feel comfortable in driver's seat.

Inspect under the vehicle:
• Check if the steering wheel has excessive free play.
• Check for shock absorbers leaks and broken boots.
• Check brake fluid level in the container, fluid leaks.
• Check if the break pedal has excessive travel or goes down to the floor.
• Check brake lines for corrosion and the brakes pades for wear.
• Check the brake rotors for corrosion and groves.

Signs of trouble:
• The battery that won't hold a charge, it's likely the problem is with the battery.
• Vehicle that pulls to one side, has wrong tires or need alignment.
• Squealing brakes, brake liners worn out need the brake job .
• Lack of control when turning a corner, stearing linkage problem or shock absorbers worn out.

How you can buy safely:
• Contact the seller directly by the phone number listed on our site, if the phone does not work, ask for correct number by email.
• Arrange a meeting with the seller so that you may see the vehicle, if seller refuses to inspect the vehicle do not make a deal.
• Never share your personal information: banking information or credit card numbers.
• Check the status of the vehicle lien.
• Do not transfer money via wire.

Be wary of fraud:
• Seller refuses to talk via telephone, fraud is usually email based.
• Be aware of very low price.
• Be wary of dramatized stories about the seller.
• The seller says meeting is impossible, out of country sellers.
• If you must do business with a distant seller use a legitimate service, escrow.com

How to inspect an Electric Vehicle