Logo Selling your EV an electric vehicle isn’t as simple as posting a classified ad, nowadays most buyers turn to the internet as their primary source. Selling an EV on your own will ensure you get the most money. The more info you can provide the better, make your ad appealing to prospective buyers.
Consider these selling tips:
• Do market research for price range of your EV make and model, in your area.
• Setting a fair price for your vehicle is important, to sell quickly.
• Set asking price to allow room for negotiation, remember buyer has to pay sales tax.
• Take into consideration mileage, mechanical condition, trim level and special features.
• Clean the vehicle to make it presentable, your car will show better in photos.
• Have your EV service records available, know about the mechanical history so you can answer all the questions.
• Be honest with the buyer, if your vehicle has any issues let them know about it.
• It's wise to have vehicle history report on hand to be transparent about the accident history, registration history, lien status.
• You should consider having receipts, invoices and records of your EV maintenance.
• Obtain a Used Vehicle Information Package from the Ministry of Transportation.
• Check with the vehicle manufacture if remaining warranty is transferable.
• Getting Safety Certificate can be the responsibility of the buyer or seller, this can be negotiated with the final price.
• Collect the full payment by a certified cheque / bank draft or cash, do not accept a personal cheques.
• Finalizing a deal, you needs to complete transfer of ownership and record mileage, both parties must sign transfer of ownership.
• Both parties must also sign the bill of sale.

Volvo XC40 electric
Preparing car photos:
• Picture is worth a thousand words, good photos attract more buyers.
• Use your smart phone to take photos of your vehicle, so you can upload it directly.
• Car wash, before you shoot your vehicle make sure the vehicle is clean and presentable.
• Location, find an open space where there aren’t other vehicles in the background, an empty parking space.
• Timing, best first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset, during this time sun provides a warm colours.
• Be honest when taking photos of a your vehicle, by not hiding its flaws.

How you can sell safely:
• Contact the buyer directly by phone, if the phone does not work ask for correct number by email.
• Arrange a meeting with the buyer so that you can show your vehicle.
• Make sure the buyer has a valid driver's license, for a test drive.
• Prepare vehicle history report and lien information, gives buyer all details about your vehicle past.
• Collect full payment by a certified cheque / bank draft or cash.

make a deal
Be wary of fraud:
• Buyer refuses to talk via telephone, fraud is usually email based.
• Buyer says meeting is impossible, or out of country buyers.
• Fraudulent buyer usually offer to buy your car without having seen it, or asking a questions.
• Be wary of dramatized stories about the buyer.
• Never share your personal information, banking information or credit card numbers.
• If you must do business with a distant buyer use a legitimate service: escrow.com
• High value cashier's cheque in exchange for your vehicle.
Banks will cash fake cheque and they hold you responsible, once the cheque fails to clear.